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Internally Vigilant to save lives
Core values

  • Quality: dedication to the highest level of anesthesia excellence and commitment to improving provisions of anesthetics use and advancing patient care.
  • Trust: earning the trust of members of the association and the public by continually providing quality services and demonstrating exemplary leadership and innovative thinking.
  • Integrity: acting in an honest, ethical, professional as well as in a transparent manner, and accepting responsibility for own actions.
  • Professionalism: Respectful, altruistic, ethically sound practice, sensitive to cultural, age, gender, disability issues and caring behaviors.
  • Collaboration: encourage teamwork and create environment at which thinking and working within and outside own boundaries stimulates the sharing of resources, information and ideas promoting creativity and cultivating excellence.
  • Transparency: availability of information is free and open while simultaneously remaining respectful of privacy requirements and confidentiality agreements. EAA believes this to be the foundation of the way EAA work with each other, collogues and patients.