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Ethiopian association of anesthetists (EAA) is a not – governmental professional organization legally established in Ethiopia in 1984EC. It has reregistered in accordance with the new Charities and Societies Agency proclamation of the Ethiopian government on October 28, 2009, as Ethiopian Residents Charity with a registration number 0043& renewed till March 2018. Since its establishment, EAA has been conducting annual refresher and technical update training for anesthesia professionals, mentoring anesthesia training and service provided, participating in the development of national health plans and strategies, developing professional guidelines, scope and standards of practice, participating in the national licensing and medico-legal stream committee, strengthening of human resource for health, capacitate and mobilize local and international membership, provide psychosocial and financial support for the needy members with the major objectives of improving the quality of anesthesia care service at national level.

Thus, EAA has a total number of 29 staff members (7 Project Staffs, 11 Executive Board Members, and 11 Regional representatives) in all its sites to make sure that these programs are run as per their standards towards the set goal.
EAA will strive and continue to bring quality anesthesia service by building the capacity of its own staffs and partners through various capacity building events such as training, organizing experience sharing events, coaching etc. In order to enable them to improve their partnership scores, develop, implement and monitor projects efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To unite anesthetists in all phases of anesthesia care through education, research and standards of practice in order to promote quality care for patients, families and the community.
  • Safe and highly qualified anesthesia professionals for every Ethiopian and to become one of the leading professional associations in east Africa by the end of 2019.

EAA executive committee members

Leulayehu Akalu
President Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists

Tenbite Daniel

Eyayalem Melese

Misrak W/Yohannes

Yohannes Molla

Kokeb Desta

Asaminew Abebe

Haftom Berhane